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Jim Kaelin


Originally from Louisville, KY,  I relocated to study and complete a degree in Graphic Design at the University of Cincinnati. I’ve worked in the advertising and marketing arena for over 30 years and over that time, I’ve periodically explored painting as a hobby, admiring the works of artists such as Steve Lyman, Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders, and many others. Awed by nature since I was a child, the natural world inspires me to understand and appreciate it better through illustration or painting. In recent years, I’ve had more time to spend in nature and practice my art. I look forward to sharing these moments by way of painting.


Artist Statement

We share this amazing and unique world with so many other living things. Plants and animals all making an interwoven, interdependent tapestry of wonder and beauty on landscapes that, one could argue, are also alive and somehow sentient. We all originate from this tapestry and should embrace it as active members with respect, reverence, and appreciation.

I’ve always felt my best when outdoors, especially in the woods, listening to the whispering trees, watching the clouds as they morph and observing how the sunlight plays across everything—as nature communicates its mood. Every day is a new expression. It’s these things, along with the wildlife so blessed to call the outdoors home, that I attempt to preserve with paint. These creatures bring a focus, an energy, a momentary bit of wonder to an otherwise expansive and complex scene. My goal is to capture these moments, offered by our good Earth, reminding us to appreciate a texture, a color, the dance of light, an assemblage of natural elements. Nature shares these moments of marvel, inviting us to slow down, appreciate, and connect. 

I offer my art as encouragement to step outside and discover the beauty of our natural world. Too often we surround ourselves with ourself, oblivious to a world of amazing environments, both tiny and expansive, all brimming with living stories. No matter how many times I walk the same forested path, I always discover something new. Take to the woods.

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